How to Cheat or Hack Online Gambling

Cheat or Hack Online Gambling

Cheating and hacking while gambling online can present an excellent way to earn some extra money by cheating the system. However, it can also be dangerous and lead to lawsuits, financial penalties, and even spending some “quality” time in jail. Everything comes with a price, and this is no exception. Tread carefully, for it is up to you to decide whether you are going to take only the essential and necessary risks while gaming, or if you will go even further.

Hacking Software

Some might say that when it comes to gambling, cheating the game is easier to do when it’s played the old fashioned way, rather than online. That is not far from the truth, but it has its exceptions. For example, card counting is something that is possible when the game is live (meaning that you are physically there with the other players and the dealers), although it is not so easily done with the casino software. Instead, people rely on using hacking software which works only on a specific slot machine or a table game. Sounds great, right? Or is it perhaps too good to be true?

Unfortunately, as convenient and attracting as it may sound, it has its flaws. You either need to have exceptional hacking/programming skills and make the software yourself or rely on the people who’ve made their own, with a high probability of a scam. Players who are naively looking for a quick way to earn real money will most likely regret doing it. Hackers will give you their software, sometimes even for free, but the software itself could contain viruses, steal your data, empty your bank account, and more. Remember, nothing is free.

Strategy Botting

This is also a convenient method that will probably get busted by the online casino sooner or later. Basically, players place bots in the casino games, which are coded uniquely for the game, meaning that they have a lot of data stored about the card combinations, RNG of the game, how the cards are dealt, etc. Through this method, you can earn a lot of free spins for example, or make hundreds of dollars within a week. You might go unnoticed with this one, but only if you don’t become greedy. Don’t give the casino owners enough time to get suspicious and figure out what’s going on.

Cheating in Table Games

Cheating in Table Games

There is a vulnerability that online casinos are now aware of, but in the past, it presented a good strategy for cheaters. That vulnerability could be taken advantage of by a group of connected gamblers, or even friends. They would gather in the same lobby, choose a person who was going to win (obviously, the others would arrange that, not accidentally), and afterward, they would split the earnings equally. Online gambling businesses are now aware of this cheat and are working progressively to prevent it. One way of doing that would be placing completely random people into the lobbies, sorted by the computer, rather than the players entering them on their own.


Another way to cheat when it comes to table games is by hacking specific poker games. One can do that if the game doesn’t fully operate through RNG, but rather through a certain amount of deck combinations that the computer chooses. It is a hard job, but for those with specific knowledge, these combinations can be cracked and used in the players’ favor.

However, online slots are less vulnerable than the physical ones. There, the RNG controls the wheel, and not the player (before, the players could manipulate the physical slots with magnets).


Free casino bonuses and easy winnings of large amounts of money sound tempting. However, you can end up losing more than you have ever bargained for. You should enjoy the game as it is, rely on your skills, and stay out of trouble. Or, you could ignore all of that and go all in, literally.

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