How to Win at Slot Machines Online

Win at Slot Machines Online

Slot games are becoming increasingly popular, as the possibility to enjoy them virtually is growing proportionally. They are undoubtedly fun, especially when you are given a chance to manually pull the slot lever. However, the future of gaming is now giving you the opportunity to enjoy online slot machines from the comfort of your home. Online casinos offer slots with a vast variety of games, with different themes, customized interfaces, progressive jackpots, and big wins. They can be loud, colorful, and even distracting (in terms of grasping the player’s attention and drawing them into the game, thus making them spend more money and not realizing it). However, it’s not all fun and games (no pun intended). In this article, we will cover the basic things that you should know when it comes to playing online slots.

Choose Your Machine

Choose Your Machine

Some say that playing slots does not require any specific skill and that you can’t become better at the game. They also say that you need to hope that your luck will follow you everywhere. Fortunately, that is not entirely true. Being skilled at slots means that you can do proper calculations about how you are going to invest in them from the very beginning (this is called a bankroll, and will be mentioned later in the text), that you are familiar with the slot’s return to player rate (RTP), etc. However, since most of the online games are usually based on how lucky you are with the RNG system, it isn’t any different with slots. Here’s a step by step guide on how you should choose your machine:

  • RTP Value

Return to player is very important when it comes to increasing your chances of winning big and knowing how much at a disadvantage you are, compared to the casino. This theoretical percentage determines how much profit the casino is going to earn from each deposit you make, regardless if you win or lose. For example, if the RTP of a specific machine is 98.74%, that means that upon your wager of $10, the casino will earn $0.13, leaving you with $9.87. If you are aiming to win a lot of money, consider these facts and be aware that some casinos will choose not to reveal the RTP of a particular slot game.

  • Paytable

Apart from the themes and soundtracks, pay tables are also unique when it comes to spinning the reels. What you are interested in here are the symbols and unique features that the games have to offer. Usually, there are four types of symbols:

  1. Wild symbols — Used to replace any common symbol to connect the winning combinations.
  2. Scatter symbols — These symbols give you bonus rounds, free spins, and other special prizes. It is required that two or more show up on the payline, regardless of their positions.
  3. Multiplier symbols — Not much philosophy about this. These symbols will multiply your rewards up to 4x.

Not all machines have the same bonus symbols, mini-games, and extras. If you are a professional player or you strive to become one, you should not waste your time and money on the machines which do not give in return what you would expect. The differences between slots can be many, and the one you should probably pay the most attention to is how big the jackpots are.

  • Free-To-Play Slots

What is a better way to learn about the game mechanics other than trying them out entirely, testing all of their functionalities and options? Most casino games, and in this case, slots, will be offered as free to play. That allows the players to do some practicing and figure out if that particular machine is the right choice for them before they decide to try out the real thing and start spending money. These kinds of free-to-play slots are not only useful to skillful players who are testing out the game, but they can also be convenient for people who are just looking for fun, instead of trying to make money out of it. However, sometimes the odds of winning at these kinds of slots are more in the player’s favor than it is the case with the real deal. That is a sneaky tactic that the casinos use to convince the player that they can win big and make them invest real money into the game.

  • Personal Preference

Last but not least is the personal preference. Since there are slots with different themes, soundtracks, and customization in general, the players are allowed to choose what fits them the most. That could, but might not be connected with how lucky you are going to be at the game. Without a doubt though, it can have a specific effect on you if you are planning to play the game for a good few hours. The more it is appealing to you — the better you are going to feel, even if not everything goes as planned.



Considering that you have opted for a particular slot based on the guidelines mentioned in the text, the next step that you should take is to plan how much you are going to spend and how are you going to do it. Some players might start immediately with wagers of hundreds of dollars, but for the most common gamblers — that most likely won’t be the case. We’ve discussed the skill necessary for this game, and here’s another proof that luck isn’t enough. A skilled player will start with lower wagers, slightly increasing them until they decide that they are getting lucky enough to put a more significant amount on the line.

On the other hand, a beginner or an amateur might be too hyped about the large jackpots, which could make them recklessly start with wagers around $5–$10, and consequently, empty their pockets sooner than expected. Being aware of your bankroll means that you know how much you want to win, but also how prepared you are to lose. Know when to stop and when to be satisfied with the amount of money you’ve gained. The next spin might be tempting, but it also might make you lose everything.


Almost every sport requires a good strategy if you want to be good at it. Video slots are more about the timing, patience, and luck than anything else. So here’s a list of a few strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning regular and casino bonuses:

  • Go Hard or Go Home

While that is an expression most commonly used while exercising at gyms, its approach is the same when it comes to gambling. If you are feeling lucky enough and willing to risk it all — go all in and make the slot machine go wild — or go home with empty pockets. However, it is not advised to go through with this strategy more than once a year, especially if you are a regular player. If the approach pays out, take your rewards and leave the game.

  • Go Where the Crowd Is

In the real casinos, this would refer to the slot machines that are exposed on purpose and which are proven to give payouts more often than others. Logically, there will probably be a line for that machine or a certain crowd cheering the person who is using it at the moment. In an online casino, the strategy of using a popular machine can be similar. Read the comments, references, and get information on which online slots have the RNG that will work in the player’s favor more often.

  • Only Bet with the Initial Amount

In comparison to the “go all in” strategy, this one is noticeably different. Decide what your bankroll is in the way that was already explained. Once you’ve done that, start betting. Keep your earnings aside and continue making wagers only with the money originally intended for the game. That way, you will minimize the chances of going home empty-handed. Should you feel the need to use the earned money too, think about going with the first strategy, or give up and come back another day.

  • Smaller Jackpots

Smaller Jackpot

Now, this is not the best strategy if you want to earn enormous jackpots, obviously, but it certainly is a good way to increase the possibility of actually winning one. It is not a secret that the smaller the jackpot is, the bigger the chances of acquiring it. Regular players should stick with these and let the professionals handle the tougher ones.

  • Free Spins

Most of the online casinos will offer free spins, which you can usually claim after you’ve made a certain deposit. Always be aware of this and calculate what your best options are to begin with. These features can sometimes give you a decent advantage over the game.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right slot to play can be difficult at first. After a while, you will know more about your preferences and what suits you the best. With all the information above, it is safe to say that with online slot machines — luck and skill need to be combined with a little extra experience. Follow these guidelines for winning at slot machines and if it stops being fun — take a break, relax, and give it another try after a while.

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